AMENDMENT 20 TO THE 1997 LIST (AL 20/97)

DATED 4th MARCH 2017

Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations are identified by the symbols hash (#) and exclamationmark (!). Asingle hash # warns of proximity to restricted or sensitive airspace (mentioned in the Remarks column), and in Competitions or other Organised Task Groups, task setters should use these points with care.

Points with a double hash ## are particularly sensitive and should only be used if the organisation responsible for the airspace has agreed that the point may be used for the flight; this includes some BGA club sites and nearbyWPs used for starts and finishes.

The exclamation mark symbol (!) is for WPs that are assessed by the BGA Competitions Committee as not suitable for use in Competitions or by other Organised Task Groups. In the complete WP table in Excel format, WPs with #. ## and ! Symbols are in red letters, those with ! have a light pink cell background, so that the Excel "sort" function can be used to separate out these points if required.

Note that these designations are intended to avoid forcing groups of gliders into high-risk / sensitive areas - and so when setting AATs or Distance Handicap Tasks which would not result in a particular concentration of gliders at the actual TP, it could still be reasonable to use these waypoints for organised task groups.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.

LA7 Lasham Finish West Delete. No longer used in Competitions and encourages incursions into a busy circuit
LAS Lasham Finish North (formerly Lasham Clubhouse). Move further north to avoid interference with circuit traffic.
Change Grid & Lat/Long to: 467.65 144.31 - 51 11.643N 001 02.000W
WRE Wrexham Delete. Within the Hawarden RMZ.


This is where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, where heights are corrected, there are changes to # , ##, or ! symbols, or small changes to co-ordinates.

CLA Claydon delete: "SE of 400ft chimney", because it has been demolished.
DRS Denbigh Ridge S Add # mark in Category field. Close to Hawarden RMZ.
NWT Newent Change Grid & Lat/Long to: 372.06 226.22 - 51 56.025N 002 24.469W
OLN Olney Change Grid & Lat/Long to: 488.98 250.97 - 52 08.991N 000 42.061W
PRE Presteigne Change Grid & Lat/Long to: 331.65 264.62 - 52 16.527N 003 00.189W
ROS Ross-on-Wye Change Grid & Lat/Long to: 358.77 224.34 - 51 54.965N 002 36.054W
USK Usk (Clubhouse) Change Grid & Lat/Long to: 341.64 202.51 - 51 43.096N 002 50.776W


Name of Point




Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of

Grid Ref
Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long
Deg/Min/Dec Min



Aston Down Finish N AD1 D# Centre of finish line N side of airfield, just S of A419 11 S Cheltenham 39150 20175 51 42.866N 002 07.466W 600 AD1
Aston Down Finish S AD2 D# Centre of finish line S side of airfield 12 S Cheltenham 39054 20018 51 42.016N 002 08.300W 600 AD2
Aberdaron ADN A# River bridge B4413 bridge in centre of village, in south end of RAF Valley Air Tactics Area (125.225 MHz) 68 W Shrewsbury 21729 32645 52 48.273N 004 42.722W 33 ADN
Alnwick E AKE A A1/A1068 E side of town 24 SSE Berwick 42029 61256 55 24.396N 001 40.869W 134 AKE
Balallan BAA A T-Junction W side of Balallan village 12 SW Stornoway 12682 92021 58 05.180N 006 38.180W 15 BAA
Beal BE2 A Level Crossing Level Crossing on E coast main line 6 SW Berwick 40617 64268 55 40.656N 001 54.205W 16 BE2
Belford BFD A A1/B1342 E side of Belford village 12 SE Berwick 41181 63351 55 35.704N 001 48.853W 138 BFD
Barmouth Station BMS A Rail Station 400m NW of harbour 46 W Shrewsbury 26120 31582 52 43.332N 004 03.392W 26 BMS
Bognor Regis Gliding Club BR1 B# Runway centre Runway 20, NNE side of Bognor, between railway line E and golf course W 15 E Portsmouth 49457 10102 50 48.061N 000 39.564W 10 BR1
Bognor Domes BR2 C Domes At Butlins Holiday Camp S side of town near sea front 14 E Portsmouth 49434 09924 50 47.106N 000 39.782W 40 BR2
Cambo CBO A B6343 / B6342 T juntion in centre of village 5 NMl W of Morpeth 12 NW Newcastle 40252 58572 55 09.946N 001 57.719W 666 CBO
Cader Idris CDI A Spot Height 2930ft Top of Cader Idris 3 Nml South of Dolgellau 41 W Shrewsbury 27111 31303 52 41.973N 003 54.529W 2930 CDI
Charlton Mires CHM A A1/B6347 5NMl N of Alnwick near Microlight strip to W 19 SE Berwick 41772 62059 55 28.730N 001 43.274W 289 CHM
Culmhead airfield CLH A Centre of runway triangle Middle of building in centre of disused airfield 5 SW Taunton 32079 11508 50 55.785N 003 07.707W 882 CLH
Carloway CLW A Bridge A858 river bridge in Carloway village 14 W Stornoway 12059 94259 58 16.967N 006 46.114W 30 CLW
Caerleon bridge CNB C River bridge B4236 over river Usk between Newport and Caerleon at S end of ridge. Edge of Cardiff CTA base 4000ft. 29 SSW Hereford 33413 19025 51 36.433N 002 57.159W 30 CNB
Chepstow S CPS A M48 Roundabout M48/A466 J2, W side of Severn road bridge on S side of Chepstow 29 S Hereford 35351 19152 51 37.234N 002 40.379W 114 CPS
Crymych Mast CRM A TV transmitter 1.5 Nml S of village, W of A478 32 WNW Swansea 21720 23066 51 56.662N 004 39.659W 1066 CRM
Chirnside CSD A A6105/B6355 W side of village 7 W Berwick 38637 65642 55 48.050N 002 13.144W 292 CSD
Crowcombe Court CWC C# Country House N side of Crowcombe village, note Cardiff CTA base 4500ft to West, D119 to North. 8 NW Taunton 31399 13692 51 07.503N 003 13.828W 482 CWC
Duntulm N DMN C Spot Height 384ft N end of Isle of Skye, spot height on 500k air map N of Duntulm village at Rubha Hunish Lookout Bothy 40 WSW Ullapool 14126 87623 57 42.072N 006 20.674W 384 DMN
Eckford N ECN A A698/B6401 N side of village, 4 NMl S of Kelso 20 SW Berwick 37081 62727 55 32.294N 002 27.840W 200 ECN
Elvanfoot ELV B A702 Bridge Over Elvan Water 4 NMl SSE of Abington 21 N Dumfries 29504 61730 55 26.296N 003 39.634W 906 ELV
Fontburn Reservoir FBR A Valve tower near dam wall 5 Nml S of Rothbury 19 NW Newcastle 40488 59361 55 14.199N 001 55.486W 604 FBR
Giosla GIO A Small Power Station Marked PS on 500k air map E of B8011 18 WSW Stornoway 11294 92584 58 07.677N 006 52.683W 30 GIO
Grantshouse GSE A A1/A6112 Junction 8 Nml W of Eyemouth 35 E Edinburgh 38097 66549 55 52.929N 002 18.344W 387 GSE
Great Orme GTO A# Spot height 679ft Top of Great Ormes Head, 1 m NW of Llandudno. Avoid airway to the N 39 W Chester 27675 38334 53 19.953N 003 51.136W 679 GTO
Harlech South HLS A# Rail/Road Bridge 1.5 Nml SSW of town centre at SW end of the Harlech ridge. Avoid any Llanbedr traffic to the south 50 W Shrewsbury 25703 32867 52 50.190N 004 07.430W 33 HLS
Lake Alaw Reservoir LAL A# Centre of Dam Wall On Isle of Anglesey 12 Nml W of Menai bridge. Avoid traffic from RAF Mona & Valley, and airway to N 55 W Chester 23746 38540 53 20.431N 004 26.575W 128 LAL
Lake Eiddew-bach LEB D Small Lake W side of ridge 1 Nml W of 2044 ft spot height, 10 NMl NNW of Dolgellau 46 WNW Shrewsbury 26456 33448 52 53.443N 004 00.879W 1247 LEB
Lindisfarne Castle LFC A Castle Castle on SE side of Holy Island 9 SE Berwick 41364 64174 55 40.139N 001 47.085W 26 LFC
Llanbedr airfield LLR A## Intersection of Runways 32 and 23 PPR airfield 2 NMl S of Harlech, use circuit only with permission. Useful for expeditions and wave flying 50 W Shrewsbury 25695 32583 52 48.658N 004 07.428W 10 LLR
Llwyngwril Bridge LYB A River Bridge A493 over River Gryll, 5 Nml SSW of Barmouth, SW end of Cader Idris ridge 44 W Shrewsbury 25915 30959 52 39.938N 004 05.054W 22 LYB
Madley MLY A# Crossroads B4352 in centre of village NW of church. Note D216 to N 6 W Hereford 34198 23880 52 02.671N 002 50.847W 260 MLY
Ottercops Moss OTM A# Spot Height 1083 ft Top of hill with 2 radio masts N of A696, 9 Nml SW of Rothbury. Avoid D512 to NW when active 22 NW Newcastle 39451 58960 55 12.039N 002 05.268W 1083 OTM
Porthmadog East Bridge PEB A Road/Rail Bridge Pont Briwet bridge over estuary 2.5 Nml E of Porthmadog 49 WNW Shrewsbury 26191 33833 52 55.477N 004 03.332W 20 PEB
Pontypool Folly POF D Tower Top of ridge 1NMl NE of town centre 21 SW Hereford 32953 20250 51 43.008N 003 01.289W 958 POF
Pwllheli West PWW A# A497/B4415 T-junction 1NMl W of town centre, in south end of RAF Valley Air Tactics Area (125.225 MHz) 60 W Shrewsbury 23511 33597 52 53.749N 004 27.162W 46 PWW
Rosebush RBS A B4313/B4329 Crossroads W of Rosebush village and reservoir, 7 NMl ESE of Fishguard. 38 WNW Swansea 20611 23010 51 56.135N 004 49.309W 815 RBS
Sharperton Bridge SPB A# Over River Coquet E side of village 6 Nml WNW of Rothbury. Avoid D512 to SW when active 28 NW Newcastle 39548 60378 55 19.685N 002 04.363W 417 SPB
Shawhead SWH B T-junction T junction in Shawhead Village 10 W Dumfries 28713 57594 55 03.904N 003 46.135W 331 SWH
Tintern Abbey TIA D Centre of ruined abbey In loop of R Wye 5 Nml N of Chepstow 20 S Hereford 35331 19999 51 41.805N 002 40.615W 35 TIA
Weldon Bridge WBR A A697/River Coquet 5 Nml E of Rothbury 20 NNW Newcastle 41389 59860 55 16.881N 001 46.971W 164 WBR
Widdrington Station WDD A Rail/B1337 5 Nml NNW of Ashington 21 N Newcastle 42447 59421 55 14.488N 001 37.007W 157 WDD
Warkworth Bridge WKB A A1068 bridge/ River Coquet 1NMl NW of Amble, N of Warkworth Castle 22 N Newcastle 42485 60624 55 20.972N 001 36.578W 32 WKB