AMENDMENT 18 TO THE 1997 LIST (AL 18/97)

DATED 20th MARCH 2015

Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations have the hash (#) annotation. A single hash # is a warning about proximity to airspace rather than the point being in an airfield ATZ or other zone for a notified activity. Points with a double hash ## should only be approached and over-flown if the organisation responsible for the airspace concerned has been contacted and the use of the point has been positively agreed for the flight concerned.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.

CTM (Chatham) - Delete, Due to the New Southend Control Zone.
CVY (Canvey) - Delete, Due to the New Southend Control Zone.
DAE (Danbury E) - Delete, Due to the New Southend Control Zone.
SOM (Southminster) - Delete, Due to the New Southend Control Zone.
SPY (Sheppey) - Delete, Due to the New Southend Control Zone.
HB7 (HusBos Finish E) - Delete, No longer used, replaced by new HB4.
WIT (Wittering Tower) - Delete, Gliding Club closed and Wittering is still an active RAF airfield.


This is where there is no change to Position. It is used where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, or where heights ASL are being corrected because originally they were estimated rather than calculated exactly.

BAT - Bath Racecourse Last sentence in description to read: Use with care, look out for Bristol Airport traffic & avoid CTR base 2000 immediately to the W.
CAS - Cambridge South Add to description: Look out for Cambridge Airport traffic,
CHS - Chelmsford South Add to description: , CTA 2500ft to the SE.
DRO - Droitwich Correct the spelling.
MAN - Manton In description remove reference to Wittering and Cottesmore fast-jet traffic.
NHL - North Hill Correct spelling of North, also spelling of Hangar.
NMT - Newmarket Add to description: Look out for Cambridge Airport traffic.
PRT - Portree Add to description: E coast of Isle of Skye.
RUT - Rutland Water Shorten description to: S end of dam wall, E side of lake.
SOU - Southam Correct lat/long & grid to 52 14.769N 001 23.461W , 441.68 261.06
STH - Stanhope Correct height to 690 ft
YTN - Yeovilton In description remove the words: operating Harriers


Name of Point




Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of

Grid Ref
Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long
Deg/Min/Dec Min



Allendale Bridge ALL A River Bridge B6295 Bridge over River East Allen, W side of town 20 WSW Newcastle 38351 55579 54 53.796N 002 15.521W 709 ALL
Ansty Cross ANX D Crossroads Triangular road junction between Lower & Higher Ansty, 6NMl W of Blandford Forum 12 ESE Yeovil 37694 10362 50 49.900N 002 19.725W 530 ANX
Bampton BAM A River bridge Bridge over river Batherm W side of town 15 N Exeter 29591 12215 50 59.356N 003 29.061W 360 BAM
Beer Head W BEE C# Bungalow On top of cliffs 1km W of Beer Head, SW of Seaton. Avoid D012 military firing area to the E 16 E Exeter 32194 08817 50 41.278N 003 06.386W 440 BEE
Rockwell End BO5 D## Y junction 2 km S of Frieth Village. Used by Booker to avoid the Power Circuit. Avoid airspace overhead at 2500ft 16 SE Oxford 47956 18813 51 35.190N 000 51.186W 450 BO5
Bude BUD A Canal Bridge Bridge over Bude Canal W side of town, 300m W of bridge over river Neet 30 NNW Plymouth 22071 10615 50 49.625N 004 32.829W 30 BUD
Danbury N DYN D# River Bridge  Bridge over R Chelmer 2 NMl NNE of Danbury at Ulting village, two gravel pits just to N. Avoid CTA 2500 to S 27 SW Ipswich 58080 20823 51 44.616N 000 37.044E 35 DYN
HB East HB4 D## Peritrack East North side of landing area at East end, end of old Peritrack 12 S Leicester 46578 28287 52 26.393N 001 02.023W 505 HB4
Huntercombe HNT D# Prison wall SE N of A4130 W of Nettlebed, used by Booker to avoid airspace & power circuit 13 SE Oxford 46819 18797 51 35.187N 001 01.028W 675 HNT
Knowstone KNO D T junction W end of village 5NMl E of S Molton 16 NNW Exeter 28259 12304 50 59.686N 003 40.461W 690 KNO
Lapford LAP A Rail/A377 A377 bridge over railway SW side of village 14 NW Exeter 27270 10792 50 51.404N 003 48.598W 260 LAP
Mellon Charles MLL C Loch Centre of small loch N of beach on W side of Mellon Charles village 15 W Ullapool 18432 89129 57 51.534N 005 38.232W 35 MLL
Margate E MRE A N Foreland Lighthouse W of B2051 on coast N of Ramsgate 14 ENE Canterbury 63986 16960 51 22.483N 001 26.706E 98 MRE
Mottisfont Station MTF C# B3084/rail Level crossing at W end of station, avoid CTA to the East 21 WSW Lasham 43184 12616 51 02.037N 001 32.837W 80 MTF
North Hill N NH2 D## T junction At Blackborough, end of ridge 1NMl N of site of Devon & Somerset gliding club, used as Finish Point 13 NE Exeter 30946 10926 50 52.542N 003 17.295W 785 NH2
N Tawton NTA C Road Junction Triangle of roads in town centre, 5 NMl NW of Okehampton 15 WNW Exeter 26637 10174 50 47.987N 003 53.859W 445 NTA
Portesham PSH B B3157 crossroads S side of town 5NMl SW of Dorchester 17 SSE Yeovil 36019 08569 50 40.171N 002 33.879W 220 PSH
Rubha Reidh RUB A Lighthouse On headland NW of Loch Ewe 21 W Ullapool 17397 89184 57 51.523N 005 48.704W 150 RUB
Sidmouth SID B River Bridge Bridge for SouthWest Coast Path over river Sid close to beach. 10 E Exeter 31289 08733 50 40.745N 003 14.054W 30 SID