AMENDMENT 16 TO THE 1997 LIST (AL 16/97)

DATED 28th MARCH 2013

Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations have the hash (#) annotation. A single hash # is a warning about proximity to airspace rather than the point being in an airfield ATZ or other zone for a notified activity. Points with a double hash ## should only be approached and over-flown if the organisation responsible for the airspace concerned has been contacted and the use of the point has been positively agreed for the flight concerned.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.

BTE Bassenthwaite Lake NE - Delete, superseded by new BT2 which is closer to the ridge

HEM Hemswell - Delete, too close to R313, the Red Arrows display practice area.

LIN Lincoln Station - Delete, too close to R313, the Red Arrows display practice area

PRS Pershore Airfield - Delete, in a laser and high energy radar area, no gliding club now on site.

TUX Tuxford Power Station Delete, the cooling towers were demolished in July 2012


This is where there is no change to Position. It is used where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, or where heights ASL are being corrected because originally they were estimated rather than calculated exactly.

BTH - Bassenthwaite Lake NW Remove the word "Lake" from the title. Reason, consistency with other WP names.
GOO - Goole Re-name as Goole NE. Reason, new WP Goole N and differentiation needed.


Name of Point




Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of

Grid Ref
Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long
Deg/Min/Dec Min



Bassenthwaite E BT2 D A591 T junction E side of lake on west facing ridge at High Side. Caution, rugged terrain 16 SSW Carlisle 32347 53064 54 39.900N 003 11.282W 424 BT2
Challock East CL3 D## T junction East end of ridge at T junction at E end of Stubyers wood, 1NML SE of Kent Club site 9 WSW Canterbury 59856 14799 51 11.798N 000 50.428E 436 CL3
Clapham Reservoir N CPN D Bridge Small bridge over Clapham Beck N end of reservoir, on Ingleton ridge. Caution, rugged terrain 15 ENE Lancaster 37501 46983 54 07.424N 002 23.035W 655 CPN
Duntulm DNT B A855 bend 180 degree bend on coast in Duntulm village at north end of Isle of Skye. Caution, rugged terrain 38 WSW Ullapool 14109 87410 57 40.918N 006 20.702W 20 DNT
Goole N GO2 A M62 J37 Bridge over M62 between Goole and Howden 15 NNE Doncaster 474.89 427.03 53 44.056N 000 51.971W 30 GO2
Leck LEK D T Junction N side of triangle of roads in Leck village, under Ireby Fell. 2.5 NMl SE of Kirby Lonsdale. Caution, rugged terrain 12 NE Lancaster 36441 47695 54 11.225N 002 32.811W 344 LEK
Market Rasen MRN A Rail/A631 Centre of town 12 NNE Lincoln 51086 38910 53 23.229N 000 20.074W 82 MRN
Monzie MZI D River bridge Minor road over the Shaggie Burn, 2NMl NNE of Crieff. Caution, rugged terrain 12 W Perth 28784 72505 56 24.262N 003 49.142W 380 MZI
Mynd N MY3 D# Shepherd's Hut On Cothercott Hill N of minor road to Shrewsbury, top of N end of Long Mynd ridge. 1 NMl SW of Pulverbatch village 10 SSW Shrewsbury 34095 30095 52 36.188N 002 52.400W 1083 MY3
Mynd S MY2 D## Wood S side of L-shaped wood at top of S end of Long Mynd ridge 16 SSW Shrewsbury 33665 28295 52 26.450N 002 56.000W 722 MY2
Pateley SE PA2 D T junction S end of ridge at E end of Glasshouses Reservoir 1 NMl SE of Pateley Bridge 24 WNW York 41710 46431 54 04.465N 001 44.407W 365 PA2
Portmoak NW PO1 B## Castle Keep On small island 2 NMl WNW of Portmoak gliding site, for club starts and finishes 16 N Edinburgh 31373 70179 56 12.052N 003 23.521W 360 PO1
Portmoak W PO2 B## Coastline NE corner of large island 0.3 NMl W of Portmoak gliding site, for club starts and finishes 16 N Edinburgh 31632 70067 56 11.477N 003 20.995W 360 PO2
Portree PRT B# Tower On promontary above harbour. Avoid R610B when active 44 SW Ullapool 14838 84336 57 24.644N 006 11.479W 70 PRT
Rydal Bridge RYB C Bridge Small bridge over river at W end of Rydal Water and E of Grasmere, 2NMl NW of Ambleside. Caution, rugged terrain 26 S Carlisle 33481 50637 54 26.910N 003 00.414W 220 RYB
Scourie SCO A A894 T junction In village centre S of harbour. Caution, rugged terrain 27 N Ullapool 21546 94466 58 21.089N 005 09.314W 20 SCO
Stoer Head SHD B Lighthouse 7 NMl NW of Lochinver. Caution, rugged terrain 22 NNW Ullapool 20036 93297 58 14.402N 005 24.162W 92 SHD
Waternish Point WLT A Lighthouse Most NW point on the Isle of Skye. Caution, rugged terrain 49 WSW Ullapool 12331 86699 57 36.464N 006 38.048W 33 WLT
Worlingworth WLW D T junction S side of village E of Poplar Farm 12 N Ipswich 62261 26753 52 15.654N 001 15.638E 197 WLW