DATED 1st MAY 2007

This is in addition to Amendment 10 issued 1st March 2007

Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations have the hash (#) annotation. A single hash # is a warning about proximity to airspace rather than the point being in an airfield ATZ or other zone for a notified activity. Points with a double hash ## should only be approached and over-flown if the organisation responsible for the airspace concerned has been contacted and the use of the point has been positively agreed for the flight concerned.

This amendment list - presents all the geographical points without grouping them regionally or into sites.

Subsequent additions and corrections. After this first amendment for the year, no fundamental changes will be made to existing points (such as to the exact position), although small corrections may be made to items such as road numbers or descriptions. Additional points may be added if there is a good gliding reason for adding them during the year.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.



Where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, but with no change to grid references.

Abington ABI change height ASL to 853 (ft)
Abingdon ABN change height ASL to 164 (ft)
Abergavenny ABE change height ASL to 230 (ft)
Andoversford ADF change height ASL to 541 (ft)
Amulree AMU change height ASL to 883 (ft)
Appleby APP change height ASL to 525 (ft)
Ashbourne ASH change height ASL to 574(ft)
Ashley ASY change height ASL to 640(ft)
Barnard Castle BAR change height ASL to 492(ft)
Backwater BAC change height ASL to 984(ft)
Bala BAL change height ASL to 548 (ft)
Ballater BTR change height ASL to 656(ft)
Bellingham BEL change height ASL to 387(ft)
Beattock BET change height ASL to 328(ft)
Biggar BGA change height ASL to 659 (ft)
Booker M40 Br BOB change height ASL to 361(ft)
Bovey Tracey BOV change height ASL to 771 (ft)
Brampton BRP change height ASL to 486(ft)
Bradbury BRD change height ASL to 262 (ft)
Braemar E BMR change height ASL to 1050 (ft)
Braemar Stadium BRS change height ASL to 1116 (ft)
Brenig BRG change height ASL to 1245 (ft)
Bridge of Cally BOC change height ASL to 508(ft)
Burbage BUB change height ASL to 509 (ft)
Burnhope Reservoir BUH change height ASL to 1312 (ft)
Feshie Airstrip FE1 change height ASL to 860 (ft)
Garve GVE change distance from Inverness to17 NMl
Glen Dee Bridge GDB change E of Braemar to W of Braemar.
Whiddon Down WHD change description to: "Site of old roundabout now replaced by a bridge 100m to the west, 0.5 Nml NE of village, 5 Nml E of Okehampton. This point will be replaced by the bridge when it can be plotted accurately"


Name of Point








Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of



Grid Ref

Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long

Deg/Min/Dec Min





Glenfarg Reservoir E GFG 1017 B Tower SE side of reservoir. Tower in water W of dam wall, connected by a causeway. 6NMl NNW of Portmoak 7 S Perth 59 31097 71081 56 16.884N 003 26.376W 623 GFG
Ardrishaig Lighthouse ARL 1018 A Lighthouse End of pier E side of Ardrishaig, 2 NMl S of Lochgilphead town. Caution, few landing areas 23 W Greenock 55 18541 68528 56 00.738N 005 26.646W 10 ARL
Achnabourin ACN 1019 B A836/B871 T Junction 2 NML S of Bettyhill on N coast of Scotland. 150m W of River Naver. Note Restricted Area R610 61 N Inverness 10 27110 95766 58 29.280N 004 12.768W 115 ACN
Inchkinloch INK 1020 A Road/River Bridge A836 bridge over river at south end of Loch Loyal between Lochs Loyal and Coulside. 2NMl SSE of spot height 2509ft. Note Restricted Area R610. Caution, rugged terrain 55 N Inverness 10 25982 94426 58 21.858N 004 23.874W 377 INK
Invershin IVS 1021 A Rail/River Bridge Railway over Kyle of Sutherland water just W of Invershin station and A836. Note airway reporting point Bonby 3 NMl to SE 27 NNW Inverness 21 25790 89525 57 55.435N 004 24.052W 35 IVS
Dingwall DIN 1022 A Rail/River Bridge Bridge over river Peffery E side of town near shore of Cromarty Firth 10 NW Inverness 26 25540 85904 57 35.889N 004 25.271W 25 DIN
Syre Bridge SYB 1023 A River Bridge B873 bridge over Langdale burn just before it enters river Naver. 9 Nml S of Bettyhill on N coast of Scotland. Note Restricted Area R610 54 N Inverness 17 26955 94472 58 22.288N 004 13.919W 161 SYB
Crask Bridge CSK 1024 A A836 river bridge A836 bridge over river Tirry, just S of Crask Inn. 10 Nml NNW of Lairg. Note Restricted Area 610. Caution, rugged terrain 43 NNW Inverness 16 25242 92453 58 11.092N 004 30.700W 732 CSK
Alfriston Bridge AFB 1025 C River Bridge Road Bridge over River Cuckmere NE side of Alfriston village. On South Downs ridge 4 NMl W of Eastbourne 12 E Brighton 198 55243 10357 50 48.698N 000 09.734E 30 AFB
Eastbourne NW ENW 1026 C A2270 T Junction Bottom of east end of South Downs ridge at Willingdon, NW side of Eastbourne 12 WSW Hastings 198 55860 10293 50 48.253N 000 14.968E 246 ENW
Firle Beacon FIB 1027 B Spot Height 712 ft spot height on South Downs ridge, 7 NMl WNW of Eastbourne 11 E Brighton 198 54856 10592 50 50.025N 000 06.498E 712 FIB
Glyndebourne GDE 1028 D Opera House E of T-junction between minor road and road to opera house. 3 NMl east of Lewes on South Downs ridge 10 ENE Brighton 198 54514 11075 50 52.681N 000 03.701E 131 GDE
Micheldever MIC 1029 C# Rail Bridge Road bridge over rail, S side of Micheldever village. 8 NMl ESE of Andover, S of deep cutting S of rail crossing A303. Avoid Popham airfield to NE and Solent CTA to S 9 W Lasham 185 45176 14239 51 10.704N 001 15.655W 361 MIC
Basingstoke West BGW 1030 A B3400/Rail bridge Rail bridge over B3400 NW side of Oakley village. 4 NMl W of centre of Basingstoke, 1 NMl W of rail Y junction. 7 NW Lasham 175 45657 15100 51 15.322N 001 11.445W 377 BGW
Shrewsbury NW SHW 1031 D Shelton water tower 300m N of A458/B4380 junction 2 NNW Shrewsbury 126 34648 31349 52 42.986N 002 47.624W 272 SHW
Leominster NW LMW 1033 A# A4110/B4362 At Mortimer's Cross on edge of Shobdon ATZ, 2 NMl NE of airfield. Avoid Shobdon traffic 13 NNW Hereford 149 34248 26361 52 16.058N 002 50.659W 322 LMW
Telford NW TNW 1033 A A442/B5062 Crossroads in Crudgington village, 4 NMl NW of Telford. Avoid Shawbury and Ternhill traffic to NW 8 NE Shrewsbury 118 36304 31809 52 45.550N 002 32.947W 177 TNW
HB start west HB1 1034 D# Church Spire South Kilworth Church, 2.5 NMl W of HB gliding site 11 S Leicester 140 46043 28188 52 25.895N 001 06.757W 394 HB1
HB start north HB2 1035 D# T junction Between Laughton village and canal, 3 NMl N of HB gliding site 8 SSE Leicester 141 46605 28803 52 29.173N 001 01.725W 561 HB2
HB start east HB3 1036 D# Church Spire Clipston Church, 3.5 NMl E of HB gliding site 13 SE Leicester 141 47137 28156 52 25.644N 000 57.108W 410 HB3
HB control point east HB5 1038 D Lodge Arthingworth Lodge, 6 NMl E of HB gliding site 14 SE Leicester 141 47554 28287 52 26.317N 000 53.411W 404 HB5
HB control point west HB6 1039 D Church Tower Cotesbach church, 6 NMl W of HB gliding site 12 S Leicester 140 45385 28241 52 26.222N 001 12.558W 387 HB6
Bidford Finish E BD1 1040 D## Airfield boundary E Near Gliding Clubhouse by old Roman road Ryknild Street 14 ESE Worcester 150 41065 24905 52 08.379N 001 50.748W 121 BD1
Bidford Finish W BD2 1041 D## Airfield boundary W W end of field near ditch 14 ESE Worcester 150 41010 24860 52 08.137N 001 51.231W 121 BD2