AMENDMENT 10 TO THE 1997 LIST (AL 10/97)

DATED 1st MARCH 2007

Definitive List. The definitive BGA list including the latest updates and any `Stop Press' items can be accessed through a link from the BGA web site:

The list is held at: and can be accessed directly through this web reference.

Responsibilities. The BGA has prepared this data in good faith but takes no responsibility for its accuracy or how it is used, for instance use by pilots in airborne navigation systems. Users are advised to check such data, in particular for proximity to other air activities or areas with airspace restrictions.

Airspace. Points with airspace considerations have the hash (#) annotation. A single hash # is a warning about proximity to airspace rather than the point being in an airfield ATZ or other zone for a notified activity. Points with a double hash ## should only be approached and over-flown if the organisation responsible for the airspace concerned has been contacted and the use of the point has been positively agreed for the flight concerned.

This amendment list - presents all the geographical points without grouping them regionally or into sites.

Subsequent additions and corrections. After this first amendment for the year, no fundamental changes will be made to existing points (such as to the exact position), although small corrections may be made to items such as road numbers or descriptions. Additional points may be added if there is a good gliding reason for adding them during the year.


Important factual changes including corrections or changes of grid refs and deletion of points that should no longer be used.

Boughton - BGN, re-name as Ollerton OLL, other details the same. The local club has pointed out that the roundabout is at Ollerton, not Boughton which is a small village further to the east.

Newbury South -NES, the existing co-ordinates refer to another bridge a few hundred metres to the South of the junction described (Tot Hill Services). Correct grid and lat/long to: 44607 16120, 51 20.881N 001 20.394W

Strathaven Airfield - SVN - delete this point, no longer the site of the Strathclyde GC. Strathaven SV2, re-name as SVN and delete the words "Club start point".

Turweston TUR, delete. This is an airfield with an ATZ and is no longer a Gliding site. Alternatives Brackley BRA and Brackley South BRC.

Winthorpe - WPE - delete this point, no longer the site of the Newark and Notts GC. Runways at this disused airfield now have fences across. Alternative point Newark NWK.


Where descriptions, road numbers or layouts have changed, but with no change to grid references.

BIC Replace "RAF Bicester Club" with "Windrushers GC"
SV2 Strathaven SV2, re-name as SVN and delete the words "Club start point".
BRG Brenig, delete "no fields" and replace by "Caution - rugged terrain"
FES Feshiebridge, change direction from Inverness from SE to SSE
HAL Halton, change "Chilterns RAFGSA club" to "RAFGSA Chilterns Gliding Centre."
LCE Lyn Celyn, change Lyn to Llyn.
NWK Newark. In description, delete " ... next to Newark GC at Winthorpe"
OBA Oban Airfield, change distance and direction to 4 NMl NE of Oban
SPL Spittal of Glenshee, add "Caution - rugged terrain"
TUL Tulla Loch, re-name as Tulla Loch East (there is now a Tulla Loch West TUW)
WLD West Lomond Hill, change elevation from 325 to 1713ft.


Name of Point








Detailed Description & Remarks

Dist (NMl)


From Centre of



Grid Ref

Km E/N

WGS84 Lat/Long

Deg/Min/Dec Min





Buckfastleigh BUK 976 A A38/A384 Bridge over A38 E side of town, 17 NMl SW Exeter 15 NE Plymouth 202 274.62 066.80 50 29.253N 003 46.128W 171 BUK
Cairnwell CAI 980 C Hill Top Just W of A93, 7 NMl S of Braemar near top of ski lifts. Caution - rugged terrain 46 WSW Aberdeen 45 313.50 777.38 56 52.784N 003 25.259W 3061 CAI
Creagan Bridge CBG 984 A Bridge A828 Bridge over NE end of Loch Creran 10 NE Oban 49 197.78 744.33 56 32.839N 005 17.473W 40 CBG
Carrbridge CBR 981 A Spey Bridge B9253 Bridge over river Spey at centre of village N of Aviemore, near T junction with A938 17 SE Inverness 35 290.62 822.92 57 17.027N 003 48.966W 876 CBR
Corran Lighthouse CLT 983 A Lighthouse East side of A861, S of ferry jetty at NE end of Loch Linnhe 8 SW Fort William 41 201.69 763.48 56 43.245N 005 14.547W 15 CLT
Clunas CLU 1015 A Water tower East end of Clunas reservoir, 6 NMl SSW of Nairn 10 E Inverness 26 286.25 846.01 57 29.401N 003 53.955W 771 CLU
Charlestown of Aberlour COA 977 B Spey Bridge Footbridge (only bridge) over River Spey, SW side of town. 10 NMl S of Elgin 15 S Lossiemouth 28 326.21 842.90 57 28.222N 003 13.915W 335 COA
Carron CRR 982 C Spey Bridge E side of Carron village, wide bridge with minor road and old railway line. 3 Nml SW of Charlestown of Aberlour. 15 S Lossiemouth 35 322.44 841.19 57 27.263N 003 17.652W 328 CRR
Charlestown NE CTN 1010 B Spey Bridge Old bridge by Telford just W of modern A95 bridge at Craigellachie. 2 NMl NE of Charlestown of Aberlour 14 S Lossiemouth 28 328.49 845.17 57 29.467N 003 11.674W 344 CTN
Feshie Airstrip FE1 1001 D## Centre of strip Grass runway between minor road and river Feshie 24 SE Inverness 35 285.50 802.80 57 06.113N 003 53.504W 679 FE1
Feshie Start N FE2 987 D# Monument Duke of Gordon's Monument on hill between river Spey and Loch Alvie, 3 NMl NNE of Feshiebridge gliding site 22 SSE Inverness 35 287.72 808.88 57 09.422N 003 51.470W 1175 FE2
Feshie Descent Point FE3 1000 G# Loch Insh Centre of Loch Insh, used by Club as a descent point. Note Feshie gliding site 1 NMl SE 23 SSE Inverness 35 283.00 804.30 57 06.884N 003 56.020W 715 FE3
Feshie Watersports FE4 1002 C# Watersports centre E side Loch Insh, 1 Nml NW of Feshie club site 24 SE Inverness 35 283.76 804.50 57 07.003N 003 55.273W 685 FE4
Feshie S FE5 1003 D Small Loch Lochan nam Bo, E of river Feshie gorge, 6 Nml S of Feshie club site. Caution, rugged terrain 30 SSE Inverness 35 286.15 791.44 57 00.003N 003 52.551W 2493 FE5
Fearnan FEA 990 A A827 T Junction N side of Loch Tay at Fearnen village, 7 NMl WSW of Aberfeldy. Caution, rugged terrain 28 N Stirling 51 272.07 744.39 56 34.438N 004 05.034W 356 FEA
Fort William NE FNE 1012 D Field E of river Lochy and Caledonian Canal. 3 Nml NE of Fort William. Sometimes used for landings, check before using 3 NE Fort William 41 214.30 780.21 56 52.561N 005 02.933W 33 FNE
Glen Dee Bridge GDB 1013 D Dee Bridge Where Glen Dee and Geldie Burn meet at White Bridge. 7 NMl E of Braemar. . Caution, remote and rugged terrain 36 SE Inverness 43 301.90 788.40 56 58.583N 003 36.931W 1339 GDB
Glenfiddich Lodge GFD 995 D Bridge Small bridge over river Fiddich at Lodge building, 4 NMl S of Dufftown. Caution, rugged terrain 20 SSE Lossimouth 28 331.47 832.97 57 22.921N 003 08.487W 1017 GFD
Glen Falloch GFL 994 A A82/River Bridge over Dubh Eas river N of Loch Lomond where A82 turns NE up Glen Falloch. Caution, rugged terrain 25 ESE Oban 50 231.94 719.76 56 20.417N 004 43.230W 85 GFL
Glenforsa GLF 993 A Airstrip Hotel Hotel S side of airstrip on Mull, 1 NMl E of Salen 16 WNW Oban 49 159.25 742.79 56 30.921N 005 54.903W 39 GLF
Glenlatterach Dam N GLT 996 A Dam wall N end of dam, E side of dam wall. 5 NMl S of Elgin 10 S Lossiemouth 28 319.45 853.22 57 33.713N 003 20.880W 689 GLT
Grantown NE GNE 1016 B Spey Bridge At Cromdale, 2NMl ENE of Grantown on Spey 22 ESE Inverness 36 306.59 828.94 57 20.483N 003 33.215W 581 GNE
Grantown S GTS 1006 A River Bridge At Nethy Bridge village, 2.5 NMl S of Grantown 21 SE Inverness 36 300.10 820.57 57 15.891N 003 39.479W 689 GTS
Grantown SW GWS 988 A River Dulnain Bridge West of two bridges where A938 leaves A95(T) at Dulnain Bridge village. 2 Nml SW of Grantown on Spey 21 SE Inverness 36 299.65 824.89 57 18.213N 003 40.031W 705 GWS
Inverness East INE 985 A Rail/River Bridge Long rail viaduct over river Nairn S of Newlands village 5 E Inverness 28 276.42 844.96 57 28.681N 004 03.755W 312 INE
Inverness SE ISE 986 A A9/9154 T junction just S of A9 bridge over river Nairn 5 SE Inverness 26 271.91 838.47 57 25.110N 004 08.061W 558 ISE
Ivybridge East IVY 975 B Minor road bridge over A38 E side of village, note VRP for Plymouth Airport to W 9 E Plymouth 202 265.35 055.87 50 23.235N 003 53.729W 312 IVY
Kincraig KCG 997 B# Spey Bridge Bridge over river Spey NE of Loch Insh at Kincraig village, E of railway and A9. Note Feshie gliding site 2NMl to SE 23 SSE Inverness 35 283.48 805.55 57 07.564N 003 55.580W 656 KCG
Laggan Bridge LBR 998 A Spey Bridge A86 over river at Laggan village, 5 NMl N of Dalwhinnie. Caution, rugged terrain 27 S Inverness 42 261.45 794.27 57 01.122N 004 17.021W 817 LBR
Lochindorb Castle LDB 1004 LDB B Castle on Island In middle of Lochindorb water 7 Nml NNW of Grantown on Spey. Hang glider site on hill to E. Caution, rugged terrain 18 ESE Inverness 36 297.45 836.34 57 24.352N 003 42.507W 971 LDB
Laggan Dam LDM 999 B Dam wall SW end of Loch Moy just S of A86, 8 NMl E of Spean Bridge. Caution, rugged terrain 14 ENE Fort William 41 237.23 780.77 56 53.379N 004 40.408W 820 LDM
Loch Garry N LGN 992 C Small dam N end of loch near A9, 7 Nml S of Dalwhinnie. Caution, rugged terrain 29 E Fort William 42 264.30 772.40 56 49.394N 004 13.504W 1362 LGN
Loch Seilich N LSN 991 D Dam wall N end of loch Seilich 9 Nml SSW of Club at Feshie. Caution, rugged terrain 32 S Inverness 42 276.28 788.09 56 58.046N 004 02.195W 1247 LSN
Moy Lodge MOY 1005 B House SW end of Loch Laggan before it narrows into river Spean and Loch Moy, 12 Nml E of Spean Bridge. Caution, rugged terrain 18 ENE Fort William 41 244.10 783.50 56 54.991N 004 33.750W 837 MOY
Oban Station OBN 1014 B Rail Station Centre of town near ferry terminal 0 N/A Oban 49 185.77 729.85 56 24.728N 005 28.458W 33 OBN
Port Appin PPP 1007 C Pier House On waterfront near ferry jetty, 1 NMl SW of Portnacroish 9 N Oban 49 190.50 745.50 56 33.277N 005 24.621W 35 PPP
Rannoch Station RAN 989 A Rail Station NE end of Loch Laiden. Caution, rugged terrain 19 ESE Fort William 41 242.27 757.87 56 41.153N 004 34.601W 968 RAN
Roybridge RBR 1008 A River bridge Over River Roy at Roybridge, tributary of the River Spean. 3 NMl E of Spean Bridge 9 ENE Fort William 41 227.03 781.30 56 53.443N 004 50.462W 312 RBR
Rothes NE ROE 978 A Spey Rail Bridge 2.5 NMl NE of Rothes at Boat o'Brig, 8 NMl SE of Elgin 11 SE Lossiemouth 28 331.83 851.79 57 33.065N 003 08.444W 164 ROE
Spey Dam SPD 1009 B Dam wall Where river Spey leaves dam , 6 Nml NW of Dalwhinnie. Caution, rugged terrain 28 S Inverness 42 258.22 793.54 57 00.670N 004 20.186W 886 SPD
Stoke SW SSW 974 A Bridge over M6 Footbridge in centre of Keele Motorway Services, 4 NMl WSW of Stoke on Trent. Under CTA FL45 25 ESE Chester 116 380.67 344.08 52 59.623N 002 17.366W 518 SSW
Telford East TEE 973 A A5/A41 Roundabout 3 NMl N of Cosford A/F 16 E Shrewsbury 127 378.47 310.89 52 41.717N 002 19.200W 331 TEE
Tomatin TIN 1011 B A9/River Bridge East of Tomatin village and railway line. 11 NMl NNWof Aviemore. Caution, rugged terrain 10 SE Inverness 26 280.80 829.01 57 20.160N 003 58.910W 984 TIN
Tulla Loch West TUW 979 A River Shira Bridge Victoria Bridge at Forest Lodge, west end of Loch Tulla. Between Rannoch and Dalmally. Caution - rugged terrain 23 ENE Oban 50 227.10 742.18 56 32.384N 004 48.812W 558 TUW